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        Enterprise culture is the sum of all the enterprise behavior and staff behavior and moral foundation, also is the external embodiment of enterprise personified. Enterprise culture embodies the leadership wisdom, embodies the corporate leadership responsibility, faith, realm, target, etc., it is a kind of spirit, a kind of belief, But it is also a kind of soft system, is the assurance of enterprise system effective implementation, And with the enterprise strategy to adapt to each other, mutual cooperation. The success of the enterprise culture and mature, is directly related to the strength of the enterprise core competitiveness and sustained competitiveness. To paraphrase a word:" Without a good culture of, can't self-reliance world nationality." Also a no good enterprise culture of enterprise, it is difficult to self-renewal in market competition. Enterprise system is rigid, But any stricting system also to be reach every aspect of a matter, Enterprise culture infiltration in enterprise management, And all levels of employees to work and live, Enterprise system is combined with the enterprise culture to exert its function, to complete the business goal. Enterprise is a tree, Culture is the root. "The desire of the wood will be the first solid". Enterprise culture in the development of enterprise has the irreplaceable role as the core, But also the important guarantee of sustainable and healthy development.

  Company people-oriented, respect for talent, and always dedicated to the harmonious development of the enterprise and employees as well as the value of ascension.

  Company take the customer as the center, take the quality as the core value, to ensure customer satisfaction.

  Company to science and technology as the guide, production safety, green products, save resources, create value, benefit the society.

  Companies to provide customers with the most thoughtful products, promote the sustainable development of food machine industry.

  Company spirit: dedicated righteousness, good sensitivity, and an unyielding and unity.

  The company code of conduct: the good faith is supreme, and strict self-discipline, passion, efficiency and innovation progress.

  Company management policy: harmonious development and win-win cooperation.

  Company marketing strategy: promote the development of customer is the premise and foundation of the company's rapid growth.

  We always pay attention to the rapid development of the customer.

  We always focus on the user's needs change.

  We always pay attention to the development of their own advantages and strengthen.

  We always focus on industry and competitor dynamics.

  Enterprise Objective: CREATE A CENTURY BRAND OF BISHAN! 

                                       BUILDING A CENTURY ENTERPRISE OF BISHAN!