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 "Great technology, high quality, super service" is our business philosophy, Hubei Bishan Machinery Co., Ltd solemnly promise: to ensuring the progressiveness、reliability and stability of equipment , meanwhile, constantly improve the quality of service, from the pre-sale to after-sale, included delivery, commissioning, equipment maintenance, technical services, user training , etc. We guarantee our customers can get the best service, keeping the customers satisfied.
1, Ensure that the equipment conforms of moisture-proof, rain-proof, rust-proof, corrosion-proof and shock-proof, marking should be clear and correct, make the goods safety, arrived at the scene in time.
2, Super effective of technical service to ensure the normal operation of equipment, answer user questions in a timely manner, help users solve the problems. Our company maintenance center and maintenance shop is responsible for all consulting, maintenance, operation, etc. Timely receive Technical support when users in the use of equipment.
Telephone number: 0712-5251869
24- hours service mobile phone: 13545466896
3, Free debugging for users, our engineer responsible for on-site installation ,commissioning, and testing of equipment. After the equipment debugging success, we will provide a copy of test results for users, our  technical staff can not leave the scene without permission of user.
4, Regular inspection is one of our regular maintenance systems. We are check the running of equipment once every six months. During the inspection, our technicians and designers will seriously listen to our users and maintenance personnel’s problems and suggestions, improve the function and quality of our products constantly.
5, Warranty period. Equipment warranty period is 12 months after installation and debugging success. The warranty excludes wearing parts of sets, regular fittings or miss-operating.
6, Lifetime Maintenance, guarantee the user interests
7, Build files on each of customers, improve the quality of the product.
Our company maintenance center also responsible for collect complaints from customers, deal with the problem immediately, then follow up how is the progress going ,make the corresponding response. Meanwhile, build customer files to record usage of products, provide the basis for product quality improvement in the future. We will ,with all our heart, constantly strive to provide good quality products and service for customers.
8, Spare- parts inventory, these spare parts we reserved are enough for customers to use 15 years.