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MNSW18 Emery Roller Whitener

主要技术参数Main technical data
Overall Dimention:L*W*H(mm)外形尺寸

Equipment Introduction:

MNSW18 sand roller rice mill is mainly suitable for brown rice milling white, in the production can be used in series of multiple machines, can also use a machine out of white, the machine structure is mature and stable, with a good level of process and economic effects.


The long sand roller mills rice, so that the surface of the rice is more uniformly milled, and the rate of polishing rice is higher;

The use of external fan medium pressure suction air, both ends of the spindle and the inlet to make up the air, can reduce the rice temperature, reduce the broken rice and the chaff rate;

The rice outlet adopts the grading of the flow plate and the secondary separation device of rice bran, which has the effect of cool rice and purification of finished rice.