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SFSP Series Hammer Mill

主要技术参数Main technical data
Tpye and size 类型和尺寸SFSP60*70SFSP60*90SFSP658*80
Rotor diameter(mm)转子直径600600680
Width of grinding chamber(mm)碾磨腔宽度700900680
Speed of main shaft(r/min)主轴转速295029502950
Linear speed of hammer(m/s)线速度939393
Number of hammer(piece)锤数量4*18(=72)4*24(=96)4*32(=128)
Mating power(kw)配套动力759075~90
Type of shock absorber减震器类型YG3-4YG3-4YG3-4
Capacity(t/h)处理量(稻壳)(rice husk)1.2~2.01.5~2.21.8~2.6

Equipment Introduction:

►SFSP series hammer mill is suitable for crushing all kinds of granular feed raw materials. Such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, chaff, cake and other feeds.

►This series of pulverizer adopts steel plate welded structure, the motor and the pulverizer rotor are installed on the same base, and the elastic sleeve column pin coupling is used for direct transmission, and the rotor is dynamically balanced and tested, which can work forward and reverse. The inlet is at the top of the crusher and can be matched with various feeding mechanisms of various shapes, and the hammers are symmetrically arranged. The machine has reasonable structure, solid and durable, safe and reliable, easy installation, convenient operation, small vibration and high productivity. The logistics and airflow design of the shredder shredder of the water droplet type crusher are more reasonable, and the production efficiency and performance are better